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Why use Momentum Mortgages

Our Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy

Meet the founder

 I found it extremely difficult to get my first mortgage. I remember back in 2014 finding our dream home and at the time I was in a sales profession and because my income fluctuated so much we actually found out that we couldn’t borrow enough money so we had to ask my wife’s dad to come on the mortgage with us, We had gone direct to the bank and we did’nt know what we we’re doing, at the time it would helped us if we had a mortgage broker that could of guided us through the whole process. I qualified as a broker in early 2017 and In 2019 I then started Momentum Mortgages because I wanted to be able to focus on helping those people that need a bit of extra guidance get their dream home or investment.


Our journey doesn’t stop short of getting you a mortgage, Me and my wife Vicky became parents for the first time when our son Malcolm was born in 2018, I know personally the importance of making sure our families are protected. I would never want my family to be in the position of not being able to pay the bills if I was not around any more or if I was unable to work, or heavens forbid that any of my family became severely ill. That’s why I make it my mission to fully discuss and advise you on the right protection for your particular circumstances.


Let me share with you about our Vision, Mission, Our Values and our Strategy to make that happen with you.

What our clients say

Our Vision

We secure your future by enabling you to buy your dream home or investment, the mortgage market is a minefield of thousands of different mortgages from many different lenders and we want to help you navigate the mortgage maze to get the funding you need. We care about your future and that means we don’t just leave you with the largest debt you may ever have and not plan for almost every possibility so as your advisers our vision is to build a safety net for you, your family and your finances.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help 10,000 people to master their mortgage… its an ambitious goal and one that may well take the best part of 20 years to achieve. The values by which we operate and our MASTER methodology contribute to the five star service that we provide and we receive many recommendations from existing clients to help friends, family, co workers and more on their mortgage journey.

Our Values


Our core value at the heart of everything we do is care. Our service is tailored to you and we frame our recommendations as if you we’re our best friends looking for advice.


Being prepared is key to getting the mortgage you need as quickly and efficiently as possible. It forms a key part of our process so that you are ready when you want to start your property journey.


Whether you instruct us to act for you or not, we want you to feel more educated about mortgages, the house buying process, investing and more to help you on your property journey both now and in the future.


We wouldn’t expect you to use our services without trust, through our MASTER methodology we give you the confidence to go out and find your dream home, remortgage for those home improvements or find that first or next investment.

Case Study

Our clients Jake and Kat were first time buyers, they were sick and tired of renting but didn’t think they would be able to get a mortgage as Jake had some bad credit on his credit profile.

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Our Strategy

We  Deliver on our Vision, Mission, and Values, We have helped many clients obtain mortgages time and time again successfully by following our M.A.S.T.E.R Methodology. We want you to be fully aware of what is going on at every stage so we can build your trust.

Within our MASTER Methodology are 15 steps we call our Enquiry to Keys Process, below is an overview of our process. As soon as you make an enquiry with us we run through our process and keep you informed every step of the way.

Mortgage strategy meeting

When you first get in touch with us we will invite you to have a call or zoom meeting with us, when this is booked in we send you an email confirming the appointment along with the documents that you will need to be fully prepared. You also get a text and email reminder before the meeting.


Agreement in principle

Once we have conducted our strategy meeting with you we would then make sure we have all the required documents and conduct thorough market research for you.


We would then send you your tailored quotation, once you have reviewed that and are happy we would then proceed to agreement in principle stage.


An agreement in principle is where the lender will conduct a credit search and agree the mortgage in principle based on the information we have given them.


You will usually need an agreement in principle certificate before you are able to put down an offer with an estate agents. Once this has been agreed we will then send you a copy!


Submitting the application

Now you have found your property, you have offered on it and its been accepted!


We would now need to proceed to the full mortgage application for you, we would book another meeting to confirm if anything has changed since the agreement in principle, go through everything in fine detail with you so you fully understand what you are undertaking and what is going to happen next.


We would then process the mortgage and any other relevant protection applications.


Tracking your case to offer

Once the application has been submitted we would then upload any documents the lender requires to be able to verify your income we have declared, and the valuation for the property you are buying would be instructed.


We chase up with the lender once they have received everything they need and will let you know when the valuation has been completed.


Once the lender is happy with the property and you they will then issue the mortgage offer, we will then invite you to have a offer review meeting with us so we can go through the offer with you before you sign and to instruct you on the next steps.


We will also check with the solicitors they have received the mortgage offer.


Exchange and completion

Now you have your mortgage offer, we would be awaiting any outstanding enquiries or searches that your solicitor still needs to get hold off, we will contact them regularly to obtain updates.


Once you have signed your mortgage deed and sent it back, and there is nothing outstanding on your legal side then you will be ready to exchange contracts, you will need to agree a completion date and once agreed any deposit will need to be paid over to the solicitor if your a first time buyer. Then you can exchange contracts!

Momentum Mortgages is proud to be a part of Embrace Financial Services .