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Self-employed Mortgage Brokers​

It takes a special kind of person with entrepreneurial talents and traits to become self-employed. The perks and rewards can be considerable. Unfortunately so can the associated fears and anxieties. Some people look upon being self-employed as a dream career prospect whereas others find the prospect utterly daunting. We are all different. There are bungee jumpers and there are those who find climbing a ladder simply terrifying.

Who are you? What do you want from your career? By the very fact that you are here reading these words tells me that the prospect of becoming a self-employed Mortgage Broker has, at some point, crossed your mind.

The joys of freelancing​

Let’s take a look at the possible drivers behind your desire to leave the shackles of your current employer. Safe, reliable, and rhythmic but shackles nonetheless. You yearn for freedom and the chance to be your own boss. The promised land of flexible hours and calling the shots has been beckoning you for some time and you feel pulled towards this work v life utopia. Ask yourself this question, what is stopping you from taking the plunge? Not as bungee as you hoped?

You have daydreamed the recurring vision of you calling clients and tapping away on the laptop whilst feeling the warm sand trickling through your toes. The cooling sea breeze, is nature’s much-preferred alternative to the cold blast of the office air conditioning unit, keeping you pleasantly alert and on-task. Your heart is beaming like the sunshine all around you and feels fit to burst with joy. Then bang! From out of nowhere the cold realisation that there will be no more recurring bank transfer from your employer’s account, on the same day every month and that you would have to go out and cold-pitch for your own clients brings you back to life with a juddering halt.

Does this sound familiar? Are you craving autonomy yet fearful of the thought of actually going it alone?

We are not going to tell you that running your own business is a breeze (oops, back to the beach again!) It takes hard work, drive and lots of support from a good network. Here at Momentum we will be exactly that support network. Connect with us and let us show you how we will help you embrace your exciting and liberating transition to being self-employed .

Your Business Gaining Momentum

As you are no doubt aware, the life of the self-employed is not always a ‘walk in the park’ or indeed a day at the beach, as per the glorious daydream. There will undoubtedly be darker days, challenging days. Days when you wish you didn’t have to wear all the hats and could just go back to doing the ‘day job’.

You do not need to do it completely alone.

Commence your self-employed brokerage journey under the Momentum umbrella and let us shield you from any stormy weather that you may encounter.

Benefits of gaining Momentum:

  • Lead generation support
  • Build your business without the stress of starting from scratch and running it completely alone.
  • Full systems provided (CRM, Email templates, SMS templates, customer portal, introducer portal, commission runs, diary system, mortgage broker tools, affordability and criteria tools)
  • Marketing support including all literature and stationary. No need to build and maintain a website and therefore avoiding the associated costs.
  • Compliance support including social media friendly compliance, case checks, full guidance and support network.
  • Business coaching, for example on CRM and automated systems.
  • Competitive splits
  • We are part of one of the largest networks with an extensive panel of lenders.
  • Market leading protection panel with indemnity and non-indemnity terms.
  • Option to either write your own general insurance or utilise competitive referral fees if you prefer us to do it for you.
  • Referrals to solicitors and the ability to quote, track and instruct through our CRM system.
  • We will train you to write Wills and lasting powers of attorney. 
  • Build your own client bank – make more money!
  • Build your skills as both a Mortgage Broker and a business owner.


How do I start my Self Employed career with Momentum Mortgages?

Take action today!

By working for yourself but under the protective umbrella of Momentum, you will finally discover the flexibility that you have been craving. Put yourself in a position where you determine your yearly pay rise, not your line manager. Get to the point where you decide who you want to work with, not who your boss says you should work with.

Take this opportunity to liberate yourself and finally gain the work v life balance that you deserve. Join us, gain momentum and watch your career flourish. You deserve it.

Why Momentum Mortgages?

Podcast Interviews With The Momentum Mortgages Team

As a limited company director, you’ll need to be able to provide information on your income as part of your mortgage application. This includes the salary and/or dividends you’ve withdrawn from your company, the net profit of the business, and proof that your income can be considered stable.

While your application is slightly more complex than usual, our specialist mortgage advisers are here to guide you. After all, we know the ins and outs of finding a mortgage in these circumstances! By assessing your unique requirements, we’ll be able to find the competitive deals to suit your needs.

Do I qualify for a

Limited Company Director mortgage?

Lenders will typically expect your company to have been trading for at least two years. But some will consider one-year trading along with future income projections.

You will also need to provide:

What if I only have

One year’s accounts?

If you have less than one year’s accounts, unfortunately lenders are unlikely to consider you, However one of our core values is preparation and what we can do is help you to plan for your mortgage journey. That’s why we offer a free strategy call so we can discuss your business and what you need to do to make your application look as positive as possible.

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Why Momentum Mortgages?

Podcast Interviews With The Momentum Mortgages Team