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Working as a contractor while searching for the right mortgage for you can seem long a long process. But it doesn’t have to be.

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As an individual working within the construction industry, you may be eligible for Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) mortgages. Being a contractor, you’re somewhere in the middle of being self-employed or permanently employed, which can make it seem like a mortgage is not realistic. However, CIS mortgages are a way of helping those impacted by these circumstances.

CIS mortgages allow those in the construction industry to use their gross income on payslips instead of filed accounts. This means you don’t have to file three years of accounts to be applicable. So, if you have ever only been a subcontractor or self-employed for less than a year, our expertise can find the right mortgage for you.

What do I nee

What do I need to qualify?

To qualify for a CIS Contractor mortgage, you will need the following:

How much can I borrow on a CIS contractor mortgage?

Lenders will usually take an average of the earnings shown on your previous three to six months of payslips to calculate your annual income. This varies from lender to lender.

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