Home Insurance is a condition of all mortgage lenders and even if you don’t have a mortgage on your home it’s still a good idea to have it. 

Here are some great tips you can utilise to cut the cost of your home insurance. 

1. Get the right locks for your doors so that it remains as secure as possible, a wooden door ideally should have a five lever mortice deadlock, and UPVC and Composite doors should have three-point multi-locking system and make sure the provider knows EXACTLY what locks you have because if you specify the wrong one then you may not be covered. You can also tell your insurer whether your windows have locks and if you do this may reduce your premium but be aware that if you do not lock the windows then you may find this causes problems if it came to a claim. 

 2. Increasing your voluntary excess can reduce the premium, but of course, the downside to this is if you do need to claim you will have to pay more towards the cost of the claim.

 3. Don’t claim! If you can avoid claiming and sort smaller issues yourself then you will increase your no-claims discount and this will invariably reduce your premium.

4. Having a home security system is a big plus for insurers, anything that acts as a deterrent to theft and reduces risk will ultimately reduce your premium, consider looking into getting a home security system installed and it can drastically reduce your premium

5. Bit of a no-brainer here but shop around for the best deal!  Since the FCA brought in changes to the way insurers price home insurance many of the comparison websites have gotten more expensive because the insurers can no longer do “price walking”, which is where they offer you a much lower premium for your first year and then ramp up the premium on your renewal. using a broker who can source lots of different insurers to get the best deal for you can be a really great idea, plus they can take a job off your back when it comes to remembering your renewal and help if you ever need to make a claim. 

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