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Don’t cry over the spilled milk day

Do you think a day on the calendar especially dedicated to not crying over the spilled milk sounds a bit far fetched … so do we … yet, here we go, every February 11th — Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day. 
Are you wondering who even cries over spilled milk, except maybe little toddlers?
But here’s a question… Could you be crying over spilled milk and don’t even know it?
Don’t cry over spilled milk” is the contemporary iteration of the idiom, “No weeping for shed milk,” originally published in 1659 in “Paramoigraphy”— a book of proverbs by Welsh historian and author James Howell.
It essentially means don’t feel bad about mistakes you’ve made in the past because you can’t do anything about it now!
Right now I should be in Spain, but when we got to the airport we realised my sons passport didn’t have more than three months left to expiry!
 Needless to say we weren’t allowed to board and we had two very upset children.
That was a mistake I won’t make again!
Some mistakes can’t be fixed once their made.
But my point here is… (I’m getting to it)
Dont make the mistake of not having the right protection in place because once you need it it’s too late to do anything about it!
Shakespear said “I’d rather be 3 years too early than 3 minutes too late”
I found out last week that one of my colleagues in financial services sadly got the bad news that she has breast cancer.
But the one thing she didn’t have to worry about is money.
Thats because she was properly protected with critical illness cover and income protection, so she knew her mortgage was going to be paid and she would be getting a monthly income while she was off work.
But can you say the same?
One of our most important assets is our income, without it we are quite literally up a creek without a paddle.
Yet more people cover their mobile phones than they do themselves.
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