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If you’ve found your dream luxury property, finding the right mortgage shouldn’t stand in your way of making it your home.

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Buying a high-end property is much like purchasing any other home. The difference is that you’ll likely need a bigger mortgage, and therefore your repayments will be larger. As a general rule of thumb, loans above £500,000 are considered to be a large mortgage.

We have years of expertise in large mortgages, and our bespoke approach will help find one that’s right for you. We make use of our exclusive contacts at all the major and private banks to secure competitive deals, then apply our specialist knowledge to find the right one to suit your circumstances.

We’ll tailor the process entirely to your needs and make sure you’re happy with the offer that is presented to you before moving forward.

How much deposit do I need?

The minimum deposit for a large mortgage is 10%, depending on your circumstances. However, to make your application easier, it’s recommended you aim for at least a 15% deposit.

Is it more difficult to

Get a Large Mortgage?

Due to the amount being borrowed, it can be slightly more difficult to get a large mortgage. This might be because:

Why Is it more difficult to

Get a Large Mortgage?

It can be more difficult for high-net-worth individuals to get a mortgage, unless you use an expert broker with experience in this field.

This is because:

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