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Looking to move into a new home, but are unable or unwilling to sell your current one? A Let to Buy mortgage allows you obtain a second mortgage, so you can retain ownership of your home for the purpose of letting it out.

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Let to Buy mortgages have increased in popularity over the last few years, and can be a great option for some homeowners.

Perhaps you’re moving into a new property and you’d like to keep your existing home as an investment, or you’re struggling to sell and are holding up the property ‘chain.’ With a Let to Buy mortgage, you can retain ownership of your home and let it out to tenants, while being free to take a second residential mortgage elsewhere.

Whatever your circumstances, our Let to Buy experts will be able to find the perfect mortgage for your needs. We’ll manage both of your mortgages and the whole process, making the complex seem easy and explore the range of deals available to you.

Do I qualify for a

Let to Buy mortgage?

The criteria will vary depending on your lender, but you will usually need:

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