Being self-employed can be a highly rewarding experience, with the freedom to control your own working life. We can help bring that freedom to the mortgage process.

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Getting a mortgage when you’re

Self-employed doesn’t have to be tough

Getting a mortgage when you’re self-employed doesn’t have to be tough. While the process might be slightly more complex than for your standard mortgage, if you have a decent deposit and your accounts are in place, it shouldn’t be a barrier to purchasing your perfect home.

We’re experts in overcoming challenges related to self-employed mortgages. Through our great relationships and specialist knowledge of the market, we’ll find the lenders who will take a broader view when considering your application and find the right deal for your circumstances.

Do I qualify for

A self-employed mortgage?

The criteria for applying for a self-employed mortgage are largely the same as for standard mortgages, and you’ll go through the same affordability and credit checks.

Depending on your circumstances (whether you’re a sole trader, a partner or a contractor, for instance), you may need to provide: