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Would you like a free will worth £130?

Many people don’t think about wills (even free wills!) until it’s too late, but with Momentum Mortgages as one of our clients you can get a free will.

We work in partnership with MyLastWill to bring wills and lasting powers of attorney services into the future. They combine easy-to-use online technology and specialist estate planning advice to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible for you. So don’t wait any longer – get your free will today!

How is it free?

Our partnership with MyLastWill means we are able to offer a free single or joint mirror will, We will go through all the information we need to instruct your Will which will take roughly 30 minutes, as part of our Free Will service we will also run through your protection needs to make sure that should the worst happen that you are your family are financially secure.

Why Should I make a Free Will?

Making a free will ensures that you are in control of your assets and those assets go to who YOU want them to go.

A free will helps with the division of any property, savings or investments and enables you to provide for loved ones, such as children from a previous relationship. It also gives you the opportunity to support charities that are close to your heart.

What are the benefits of making a Free Will?

Making a free will is one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones, and there are many benefits to doing so:

  • You’re in control: A will enables you to dictate who inherits your estate, ensuring that your assets go to those you wish them to.
  • It avoids family disputes: If you don’t make a will, the law says who gets what. If you’re not married to your partner or in a civil partnership with them, they won’t automatically inherit anything when you die.
  • It helps avoid inheritance tax: Making a free will can help ensure that inheritance tax is minimised, taking into account any concessions and allowances available from the government.
  • It can help avoid care home fees: A free will, combined with appropriate trusts can reduce the impact of Inheritance Tax, but also protect your assets from being used to pay for long-term care costs.


What happens if I don’t have a Free Will?

If you die without making a Free will, the law says who gets what. If you have no close family, your estate could go to the government.

What happens if I get divorced?

If you divorce or annul your marriage after making a free will, any gifts to your ex-spouse are cancelled by law. This means that they do not inherit anything from your estate unless it is specifically written into the free will.

What if I want to change my Free Will?

If you want to make changes to your free will, you can do so by using a codicil – a document that amends or updates an existing free will. This is a common way of making small changes to a free wills without having to create a whole new free will.

Making a free will is one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones. Get started today and take control of your estate!

Would you like a free will worth £130? Many people don’t think about wills until it’s too late, but with Momentum Mortgages, you can get one for free!

How do I get my free Will?

To take advantage of this offer, simply call Momentum Mortgages on 01732 806333 or complete the form below and our team will arrange for you to have a free wills consultation over the phone at a time that suits you. It’s never been easier!

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